Mass Fatalities Response Plan (MFRP)

IMFC can provide your agency with a Mass Fatalities Response Plan written by subject matter expert Peter R. Teahen, which provides basic guidelines and procedures to properly manage a mass fatalities incident. The MFRP is designed as a guide for the efficient, timely recovery and identification of fatalities; return of the remains, personal effects, and loose items to the next of kin; and for meeting the needs of survivors, families, and the community as a whole.

This plan was developed to address the response requirements for the range of mass fatalities incidents. The MFRP is designed so that each section is a stand-alone document located within binders, allowing leaders and teams to focus on their specific goals during a response.

IMFC's Mass Fatalities Incident Response Plan includes the following information

  • Mass Fatalities Headquarters
  • Disaster Site Operations
  • Morgue Site Operations
  • Family Assistance Center
  • Staff Processing Center
  • Respite Center
  • Mental Health, Chaplaincy, and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Services

IMFC also provides the following additional resources:

  • Incident command charts and organizational structures
  • Job descriptions and responsibilities with checklists
  • Policies and documentation forms