online training

In partnership with the University of Minnesota Center for Public Health Preparedness; IMFC is pleased to offer free on-line educational courses for mass fatalities response. These courses are part of a series of awareness-level online educational modules developed by Peter R. Teahen covering various topics related to emergency preparedness. These modules are designed to contribute to the development of a subset of the Bioterrorism/Emergency Readiness Competencies created by Columbia University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

I. Mass Fatalities
Public Health Emergency Training (PHET) Series

This training defines mass fatalities incidents, describes the operational sites and roles involved in responses to these types of disasters, and identifies key issues related to planning and implementing response efforts.

II. Dirty Bomb! After the Blast - Online Simulation
 Public Health Emergency Training (PHET) Series

Apply the concepts you learned in the online modules to the "Dirty Bomb! After the Blast" simulation where you use your public health emergency skills to make decisions on behalf of the responders.

III. Crisis Intervention during Disaster
Public Health Emergency Training (PHET) Series

The goal of this module is to help you identify reactions to trauma and take appropriate and effective action to assist individuals in crisis.