Lessons Learned

In 1995, Peter R. Teahen completed the development of a Mass Fatalities Incident Response Plan (MFIRP) after experiencing numerous mass fatalities disasters that lacked proper organization, documentation, and care for victims, their families, and workers. After recognizing a need for training, he co-founded the National Mass Fatalities Institute (NMFI) in 2000 and founded the International Mass Fatalities Center in 2003. Consultation, planning, and training services in relation to mass fatalities have been conducted at various locations across the United States and have received excellent reviews. A group of subject matter experts in areas including mortuary affairs, medical examiners, healthcare, law enforcement, disaster mental health, and disaster response provides expertise to IMFC. In addition to the extensive disaster experience of our consultants, IMFC’s advantage is an all encompassing training that could include a Mass Fatalities Incident Response Plan based upon our customer's needs. In essence, after clients have utilized the consultation services and completed the training provided by IMFC, they will have the knowledge to handle a mass fatalities incident during a catastrophic event within their community.

IMFC's consultants have provided assessment and customized training programs throughout the United State to include Miami-Dade County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Omaha, Lincoln, North Platte, and Cedar Rapids, as well as statewide programs for California, Mississippi, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin. IMFC is currently working in partnership with the University of Iowa in developing an academic curriculum in disaster management, as well as providing academic and web-based courses for the University of Minnesota.