The International Mass Fatalities Center (IMFC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in June of 2003 with corporate headquarters located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. IMFC is the only comprehensive, long-term mass fatalities incident response-planning/training program currently available for state and local agencies. Peter R. Teahen (President) has provided services to state and local agencies since 1995 through his comprehensive plan and follow-up training for dealing with mass fatalities.

IMFC’s consultants are experts in the fields of mortuary affairs, medical examiners, law enforcement, disaster mental health, military, social services, public health, and disaster response. Our experts have been assembled to provide subject matter instruction and consultation for communities and state and local agencies. IMFC is able to provide assessment, planning, and training services based on 150 years of combined experience resulting from natural disasters, aviation accidents, and terrorist activities. As a result, IMFC offers the most comprehensive mass fatalities training program in existence.