Critical Incident Stress Management


Due to the severely traumatic nature of a mass fatalities incident, it is imperative that skilled mental health professionals be readily available to respond to the physical and emotional needs of survivors, family members, emergency and disaster responders, and others directly affected by the incident. IMFC's team of subject matter experts can provide assistance to your agency during and after a catastrophic event. These individuals are nationally recognized and have provided support to a variety of disasters domestically and internationally.

The IMFC team can provide guidance on mental health services at all sites of the mass fatalities operation and ensures the delivery of appropriate services that can lessen the long-term effects of psychological trauma. In addition to providing subject matter experts during an event, IMFC also provides extensive training in crisis management and intervention.

Please contact IMFC for information on the following courses:
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Family Assistance Center: Caring for the Families
  • Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support Certification: Critical Incident Stress Mgmt
  • Basic Group Intervention Certification: Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Advanced Group Crisis Intervention Certification: Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Domestic Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A CISM Perspective
  • Grief and Mourning - Respecting Loss
  • Memorial Service Planning and Management
  • A Mass Fatalities Response
  • When a Nightmare Becomes a Reality: Taking Care of the Responders